What to expect on a Family Level 1 Bushcraft course?

First things first, let’s understand the difference between Bushcraft skills and Survival skills. Bushcraft is about learning skills that help you to enjoy your time in the outdoors. Survival skills are about how to stay safe (and alive!).

The Spartan Survival Level 1 Bushcraft course is primarily a fun, activity-filled weekend in the forest. You will learn lots- like how to create a shelter to sleep in, how to make a fire safely, how to navigate at night, and how to track wildlife. This is an escape from technology, TV, and our increasing online lives and a chance to spend quality time with your son or daughter, or as a whole family, without the disruptions of emails and notifications.

There’s something special about sitting around an open fire, learning new skills from Spartan’s Ex and current serving military instructors. You’ll enjoy hearing their stories as you taste meals from military ration packs and learn about all the kit you will carry in your bergen (backpack) for the weekend.

There’s a healthy chance for competition as you learn the skills to master axe throwing, knife carving, and how to camouflage yourself.

Take a look at the gallery below from our August Bushcraft course.

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