Spartan Survival Corporate Courses

Escaping ‘Pandemic Fatigue’ for successful teams

Proactive businesses can head off working from home fatigue by embarking on an outdoors adventure to rebuild actual face-to-face teamwork.

Zoom meetings get replaced with campfire sessions and cooking in the wild on corporate courses being run by bushcraft and survival experts Spartan Survival.

Spartan Survival was set up by ex and current serving elite British military who’ve been trained to cope under pressure in the most hostile environments.

They are using their Forces know-how to help companies bring their teams back together and combat the more negative effects of home working as increasing numbers stay away from the office post-pandemic.

Research by the Office for National Statistics has shown that, although 37% of employees worked from home in 2020 compared to just 27% a year earlier, remote working can lead to people feeling disconnected from even their closest colleagues.

Despite enjoying an improved work-life balance, the challenge of collaborating and a lack of in-person rather than on-screen interaction were highlighted as the biggest downsides of WFH.

That’s where Spartan Survival’s corporate courses can help make a real difference to team energy, motivation, and morale.

Its two-day courses, which take place in Cholmondeley, Cheshire, involve cooking outdoors, learning to make a fire, building a shelter to stay safe from the elements, navigation, and other group exercises.

Tried and tested military equipment comes included and qualified instructors work closely with everyone involved to make sure they gain the maximum benefit out of each exercise.

Teams come away from their outdoor bushcraft adventure having improved their decision-making and leadership skills, their mental toughness, and their ability to complement each other as a unit.

And, with no mobile phones allowed, it’s a chance to get back to nature, back to basics, to de-stress and create some unique shared memories.

Ian Huntington, co-founder of Spartan Survival and chief instructor, says the courses are an ideal way for businesses to tackle pandemic fatigue in a positive and enjoyable way.

“We know so many companies’ workforces feel detached by working from home, even though they love the convenience of it,” he said. “Our corporate courses get people working together again, side-by-side in challenging situations which really give them a chance to bond and find their individual and collective strengths.”

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