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The chance of a lifetime to travel to a Scottish Island to undergo 2 days military survival training delivered Experienced Spartan Instructors before taking on a 5 day lone survivor experience.

Thousands of people have applied to TV shows offering experiences with some similarities. We can guarantee none are as hardcore as Spartan Survival.

The Experience

  • Family Experience
    2 days training course by Experienced Spartan Instructors
  • Family Experience
    The course will be 7 days on the ground
    in total, comprising of 2 days training and
    tuition then 5 days lone survivor
  • Family Experience
    Constructing a shelter good enough
    to keep you safe from the elements
  • Foraging, catching and preparing your
    own food from woodland and coastline
  • Family Experience
    Sourcing and purifying to make safe all
    water required over seven days
  • You will hit what you think is rock bottom
    and want to quit. Spartan will train you to
    get past this and build on your experience
    taking new mental strength back into your
    personal and corporate environments
  • You will record a daily video diary.
    Spartan will debrief you on this in
    a one-to-one soon after the course end
  • You will meet likeminded people from
    a vast array of backgrounds and sectors
    that will all benefit from being added to
    an Elite Networking Club. Members you
    know will have a can-do attitude and an
    unbeatable mindset

Participant cost £1,799 + VAT per person.

Minimum age 18.

Payment can be invoiced to a business or individual

Payment plans available.

Courses are fully inclusive.

All survival equipment required will be provided for the duration of the course.

A kit list will be provided to you for your personal equipment.

For more information, download our course fact sheet

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